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Promotions & Rebates

We provide our patients with the the most competitive prices around. From in house promotions saving you money on multiple purchases to the seemingly endless rebates offered on contact lenses.

See if you use a product that qualifies below.


30% Off

Single vision glasses for contact lens wearers*

30% off

Bi-focal or Multifocal glasses for contact lens wearers*

20% off

Second purchase of glasses or sunglasses**


Leave us review on Facebook or Google for a chance to win sunglasses, gift cards, and more***


As a private practice, we are able to offer rebates from $60 to $300 on contacts lenses. These savings cannot be found with online retailers.

Contact our team to see if your contacts qualify.

* Offer valid for one month after initial contact lens purchase

** Applied single orders of multiple glasses. Higher priced glasses will automatically be applied as first pair with lower priced glasses receiving a discount

*** Drawing are conducted on a quarterly basis for all reviews left within that time

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